My day-job boss called me around 10:50am, telling me not to go to work. SHE YELLED AND SCREAMED AND THREW A MASSIVE FIT SAYING THAT THE COMPANY SUCKS AND ETC, and hung up on me then called me again telling me that she found all the porn I’ve downloaded on my work computer and how she will take me by my feet and hang me upside down, so she can suffocate me slowly in the rising water of a toilet.


No, actually, my boss is a nice woman. She wears a funky hat and has big frizzly hair. She did call me to tell me not to go to work today because of a power outage. Probably some idiot street racer crashed into an electric pole and got him/herself killed. Good riddance to those fucktards. At least I had a nice day to relax, mb, and play some ZH.


Anyway, the thing that has been bugging me like crazy are the Reavers in FireFly (LINK). I was thinking that if the Reavers were so crazy and chaotic and brutal towards everything else, how the hell did they even organize themselves and pilot massive space ships, or setup group attacks on settlements and other ships? Think about it – if they are these messed up savages who like to rape and mercilessly kill while raping their victims of all genders and ages, how do their messed up minds comprehend a leader and their ‘peers’ and pilot ships which require a lot of team work? I mean, let’s put a trade ship into perspective – it requires an engineer, a navigator, and someone to fix it, and possibly someone… Yeah.

Just doesn’t make sense how they even got to space in the second place! They float around in their massive ships, capturing and killing anything that gets within their reach. How in their messed up minds did they manage to work the controls and get to space?!?!?


That’s all I have to say.


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