Before I say my good nights for this morning, I would like to make an ode to the organ we got rid of two weeks ago. This electronic organ used to belong to my 7th uncle on my mom’s side. I remember it being in a corner of his bungalow in Surrey somewhere amidst his Chinese long sword, the Chinese broad sword he gave to me that I gave to Albert, the cool looking Corellian Corvette with the lights and sounds, and the awesome off-road race car. That was from my mid 80’s to aroun 1998 when he gave it my brother.

Anyway, we tried giving it away, but eventually donated it to the Salvation Army instead. In its place, my dad’s new computer sits there.

Just some recent pictures to put a memory to… 8]





If sometime in the next 60 years, you stumble upon this organ from Technics at a pawn shop tucked away from the prying eyes of the digital world, why don’t you spend a few bucks and take it home with you? 8]



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    Wow, playing with the sax and flute at the same time – now that’s what I call “talented”, and I always thought only those in the ‘business’ could do that… 🙂

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    So yeah, forgot to put this is last time I was here….those few hours ago.

    When I was in a foster home(Age 9) they had that exact same organ. It was identical, right down to the keys and switches and dials and whatnot.

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