The first time I had ever heard “sighing profusely” was said by Jon a few years ago. I don’t know if it was “sighing profusely” exactly, but he did say “profusely”.

So I just came back from the dentist to fill in a cavity I had since late last year and got myself some sliced beef congee. It doesn’t hurt at all, but ah whatever.

Yes, so I came home, did some stuff, and went onto DC and found the following…

A female United Kingdom age 16-17, anonymous writes:

Its Driving Me Insane..!!

Me and my boyfriend of 3 months are getting on really well.. however he is too honest of what his friends think of me.. none of them really like me even though they have never met me! It seems to be both of his girl and boy friends that are saying this too him.. i get upset when he tells me but he doesnt seem to understand why..

Am i wasting my time..??

Now, some of you should already know how I feel about shit like this, so I replied and said:

And his friends dictates your choice to be with him how exactly??

If my friends have a problem with my girlfriend, I might ask why, and even if I understand their plea for me to leave her, etc, do you think I would base my choice in partners on what they think is supposedly good or not for me? Come on!

Are you wasting your time? You’re wasting time thinking like that! Unless your boyfriend and you have real problems between you two, I seriously don’t see why their thoughts matter at all. If at the ‘end’ he chooses to be influenced and controlled by his friends and break up with you due to reasons unknown, then hell, you’re better off without him. However, you said here “Me and my boyfriend of 3 months are getting on really well” – so which part of “are getting on really well” a big problem?

[shakes my head and sighs]

In all of my years of dating and stuffs, I have NEVER ONCE asked my friends at the beginning of my relationship with anyone what they think of my current girlfriend, AND I have NEVER ONCE questioned my friends whether they see me with her as a good thing or not. It’s not that I don’t care, per se. It’s simply because it won’t matter any way. I chose her, and that’s the end of it. Until she does something that harms my mental health in a bad way or comes between me and my friends and/or family, nothing else would matter, generally speaking.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking Michelle, and you’re right and I’ll say here before you can ask me any questions – it will continue to stick to my mentality, so long as crap like this pop up now and then. Damn it. I mean it’s bad enough to allow your friends/family to influence your choices, but to have the friends and family to influence the chose of the person’s lover is just fucking out of this world. Excuse my vulgar wording.



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