Tune: “Diamond Crevice” by Yoko Kanno, Sung by May’n (Sheryl Nome)

Of course, there is a lot I wish to see with these eyes of mine. There are a lot of things I won’t do to meet those desires but there are a lot of things I would do to meet those desires at the same time.

The universe in me. That’s what I feel day in and day out.

I was just thinking that one big reason why humanity has not traveled the stars just yet, is because we are not an unified race. People still believe in the ego-driven individualism of the Chinese race, the White race, the Black race, the Japanese race, the Arab race, etc, etc, etc. As I’ve always believed, we are one race with different cultural backgrounds. That’s all. Until we all believe we are all one race, we can never move a step forward.

With that said and as I’ve said over and over again, I am not Chinese. I may look like a person born in China, but I was born in Canada and my English is nearly perfect. My Chinese on the other hand is lacking and my Cantonese is soggy at best. I am tired of unnecessary words but when people ask me if I am Chinese, I usually say “yes” or add “I am of Chinese-descent”. In factual truth, I am Canadian. Canadians are not a race of people. We are a generalized culture from our country of birth and/or upbringing.

Remember, I believe that Grace Hospital that used to be near the Vancouver Children’s Hospital was indeed located in Canada. I’m sure my birth certificate proclaimed me as Canadian. Until anyone can prove that at the time I came out of my mom’s stomach, I was indeed inside Chinese airspace or territory, I am a Canadian of the race of humans.

With that out of the way, the planet is not unified in that belief. Aside from the ‘race’ egotism based on our country of birth and/or upbringing, we have the problem of religion. As some of you may know, I am not an advocate of religion. I understand why it exists and there is no way it cannot since all hardcore religious followers use circular logic in dealing with logic and reasoning, humanity as it is, is quite lost.

The proof is in the ‘existence’ of an invisible entity that religious people are persistent to believe in. This poses a problem because so long as that ‘existence’ of an invisible entity is believed in, the progression of space and human sciences will never be moved forward at the speed in which to save ourselves from the failing eco system of our planet.

For humanity to move beyond what we are right now, we must unify our racial individualism and we must purge religious absurdity. In its place, I encourage philosophy in an intellectual and spiritual way. I encourage science to prove and disprove its own theories. I encourage politicians to take time to listen to the people who elected them, rather than the people who gave them the authority. I encourage people to ask questions – lots of them. I encourage people to fall down and get hurt and don’t be afraid to ask around for help back on your feet.

For myself, I’ve fallen a lot. Of course, I’ve learned to stabilize myself and in other times, how to fall. With that, I’ve also learned how to pick myself up. The difference between me and most of everyone I know personally, is that I picked myself up almost every time. My parents call that stubbornness. I call it persistence to move forward.

In my life, I’ve tried many different spiritual and religious perspectives. The inner voices I listen to could be interpreted in varying ways but as I grew up, going through all the things I’ve gone through so far, ultimately, I knew that for all these years, the only voices I’ve really been listening to came from my heart, my passions, and those that sincerely care about me.

That’s why the universe is within me. Mathematically, that isn’t impossible. We just have to expand our minds a bit and beyond. Spiritually, I am one of many, but I am the power that drives the things inside of me. Whether I have been truly awoken yet is up for debate, but I know this much, I am definitely aware of my own existence. With that unfortunately, it is also a great curse.

Most people I have had the opportunity to interact with or witnessed have not awoken yet. They live their lives in a linear mind frame. They may have flexible thought and reactions, but from my perception, they don’t actually realize their own existences and their integration into the world and in the universe. Mind you, I don’t realize my integration into the universe. I cannot grasp it at the moment. In fact, I’m still trying to come to terms to my integration with the world.

So as I come to terms with my existence, I have all these desires. These desires of impulse, possible naivety. and fantasy.

I want to see the universe with my own eyes.

Jon, can you create a space folding device by next Saturday? I want to see Jupiter and Saturn by Sunday.

Albert, how much will it cost for the materials? I’m guessing it shouldn’t cost very much. That is, it shouldn’t cost anything at all but the materials themselves if the world was unified for space travel.

What we need is to start anew. If we can create one city, a frontier city that its administrators are not afraid of advancement through science and technology with the basic morals of base rights and ‘wrongs’, we can segregate the truly intellectual and philosophical from the fanatics and unreasonable.

I envision a great city with 500 meter walls made of some form of radiation resistant alloy. Within those walls is a city void of toxic pollution. It will be along the shores, facing towards the ocean. Every 10 blocks or so, a shrine of sorts will have digital displays that output constantly updated data on the goals of the city, including and not limited to localized news and events. With a touch of a button, people can view maps, construction sites, and even search for shops and such.

I have this vision and these ideas but I’m in the wrong industry and I’m too old to make that sort of difference. If I was truly ambitious, someone would recognize my ideas and my ideals, and spend large amounts of money and effort into those ideas and ideals. Alas, no one is willing to make those fantastical risks and so we all continue to live mundane lives, to pass time and come to terms with whatever we align ourselves to in our current state.

It’s really too bad. When babies’ heads continue to be blown off due to massive bombs that go off for the illusion of eliminating terrorism, or ridding the world of a government capable of invading our most basic needs of personal privacy. Of course, we can say that it is the individuals in power that commit such atrocities, but you have to remember who gave them that power in the first place. You can argue that the Republican or the Liberal or the Socialist ideals are not what make the crimes the individuals commit. Of course you can, but it gives reason for those individuals to commit in the first place.

When we can finally eliminate the excuses for the individuals to justify their commitments on, we can then eventually eliminate the justifications themselves. It’s like saying Islam is to blame for the hundreds of deaths caused by road side bombs, but that’s just an excuse to satisfy your own ego for what you do not know and do not know enough of. That’s just as bad as blaming Christianity for the thousands of deaths caused by the American invasion force into the Middle East.

Of course, the statements can’t be truthful, but those statements are excuses that are used by either side and the same side.

I remember a long time ago, a Triad and a Hong Kong police officer joked together in Cantonese “Lord Quan must be in confusion as both the underworld and law enforcement pray to him for protection and guidance.” Of course, both Islam and the followers of Christ pray to the same god. They just don’t realize it because their religion dictate otherwise. Thus there is no unity. Thus the blame game and the justification for war in the first place.

I don’t believe in any religion because that is an offense to progression. People argue that it isn’t religion that dictate war and that religion promote peace and love, but it is not the promotion of love and peace that gather wars from religion. No, it is the word of religion that gather wars.

If you believe in a spiritual power greater than your own, then whatever god is may be is within you. No religion can dictate what you believe in and what you feel. If you have to read it from a book and/or hear it from others, then it is not god you believe in. It is someone else’s religion.

The sole cause for war is ego. The underlying reasoning for that ego is your belief in something that is different than that of the one you’re at war with.

Take the Quran and the Christian Bible for example. They both talk about one god, but they both teach that if you don’t believe and give yourself to the absolute book, you are a sinner and a devil worshipper. So obviously, if it teaches you that, it comes down to one thing: You’re right and everyone else is wrong.

For about a year now, I’ve been struggling with the concept of judgment and opinion. To this day, despite Laura’s futile attempt in trying to explain the difference and Michelle’s suggestions, I still believe they are two words of the same meaning.

Just because you don’t voice your opinions, it does not mean you don’t have an opinion of something. How do people make judgments? From opinion. If there is no opinion, there is no judgment.

So with religion, as much as the books try to promote peace and love, that same peace and love is truly only promoted when you give yourself to that religion. Otherwise, it’s a blatant lie that it tries to promote peace and love to everyone, regardless of their spiritual and religious preferences.

Personally, that seriously urks me.

Anyway, as with religion, individual political agendas are also another major problem in today’s world. I’ve been following the America 2008 Presidency campaigns. Only one person has truly made me turn my head and actually spent countless hours just reading his thoughts, ideals, and speeches. Other candidates seem like a whole lot of marketing bullshit to me. This one person is Ron Paul. Many people try to undermine him, even going as far as nitpicking the small details of his ideals.

As a person who recognize sacrifice, I understand and accept that a person’s greater vision outweigh his or her smaller details that I may not particularly agree with. I rather have a person with great perseverance and a solid moral standard that cater to the different cultures of the people, than with someone that tries to sell him or herself through balloons and flashing lights with sugar coated bullshit, that pretty much every other candidate has expressed. The only different are their party affiliations, their skin colours, and the words they choose for their speech. In reality, they don’t fight to become a president for the people. They fight to become president for the glitter and the sunshine the people seem to hold on to when their adrenaline rush is running super high in hopes for a better president other than Bush.

Like I said, anything is better than a starving country I’m sure.

This is May 2008. I’ve been on Earth for almost 30 years – more than 29 of which I was actually outside my mom’s stomach. So far, aside from technological advancements for the public, hotter women and hotter men, and better educational standards in Canada (and worsening in America), we haven’t progressed much at all. If indeed, the space shuttle to the moon was real, that happened 39 years ago, we haven’t made any further traveling to the moon or anywhere outside the deep orbit of the Earth since then.

Seven simple words: We suck hard and we suck ass.

The USA spends trillions on a war that goes no where while the victims of a massive storm, and of course, the ongoing homelessness and under privileged still fight to survive on home soil. Seriously, what is damn wrong with the president today?

We fight to protect ourselves. Sending your troops into a land far far away to protect the oil reserves and bully Iran and other Arab nations isn’t fighting to protect yourselves. Before you do shit outside, you should help get rid of the shit at home. America sucks ass because it runs away from its own problems and gladly bullies other nations in trying to make them be just as shitty as its own country.

Remember, America is all glitter, sunshine, and sex. ‘Freedom’ is a state of mind. Anything is better than a starving country and a government that obviously censors you, but don’t forget that America does the same thing, just not so blatantly.

Trust me when I say as a Canadian, I don’t want you in my country. You’re just going to stink us up with your ‘values’. Until you bring home your troops and correct the problems at home, don’t come here. Sure, we have super high taxes, and the crime rate is rising in some areas, and we still have the homeless to take into consideration, but we’re not in deep shit like you are. Everyone who has a brain and a high enough emotional intelligence dislikes America, but we won’t go as far as hating you. Without you, there wouldn’t be the glitter, sunshine, and sex.

Sara Jean Underwood, you’re so hot! I love you! ^_~

Anyway, enough of that rant. I can go on and on, but I think Ron Paul is what America needs. He is “WYSIWYG”. Unfortunately, it probably will be McCain, Obama, or Hillary. I loved Bill Clinton, but Hillary is weak and that has nothing to do with her gender. It’s her message and her lack of a leader’s aura.

Ron lacks the leader’s aura as well and that’s a huge problem. He’ll make a great advisor, maybe even a Vice President. At least, I hope he’ll be a Vice President.

I’ve said a lot of my own thoughts on the unity of humankind and the progression to move beyond the vicinity of our own space. For humanity to survive the turmoil that our past and current dictates our lifestyles, we must learn to feel pass our own egos and into those of our neighbors. I’m not asking you to be friends with everyone. I’m asking you to work with others to bring unity to everyone.

When you think of religion, you think of a book of words from a being that may or may not exist. Then when you think of other religion, you know they are wrong, because only your religion is the right one. Thus you follow it. This idea similiarly applies to politics. You’re either a Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Socialist, or some other minority, but in reality, regardless of your political affiliation, you have your own agendas. So in fact, even if you’re a Liberal, you’re not really a Liberal. You are you and you are in competition with other individuals.

A religion will become absolute when all boundaries of what is the right religion is dissolved. A government will become absolute when all boundaries of each party’s personal agendas are dissolved.

Remember, religion is supposed to exist to aid humanity in making peace with themselves. No loving god would suggest otherwise. If a loving god suggests that believing in something different is wrong, then that isn’t a loving god at all.

As well, government is supposed to exist to aid its citizens in its own security and welfare. No considerate government would put an aging woman to work until she’s 65, while facing the constant harassment of her supervisor, broken nails, and ailing health, while paying high income taxes when coming home from work, often put on a strong facade to hide the tears and pain in front of her children and husband.

Heh, I wish I am a person to dissolve such abuse from religion and from political greed. I do not have that strength. I do not have that consistent will. I do not have supporters. I lack a leader’s aura. I lack that sort of charisma and intelligence.

Of course, maybe in my lifetime, what’s left of it, I will be able to experience some of that sort of leadership, culture, and government.

I have visions and these are some of them.

One day or one evening in the future sometime, we will be able to see this (again)…

…it would just be very nice, if it were to be in my lifetime.