When I started Leemanism, it was motivated by my failed relationship with Cindy in March 2006. Since then, a lot has happened. As some of you know, I used to blog daily, sometimes, multiple times a day. That dwindled when I made the mistake of blogging about two of my best friends in 2009, after a misunderstanding. I called that post “The Laid Back Crew VS The Uptight Duo”. That was nine years ago. It wasn’t a mistake at the time, because I’ve had enough of their combined bullshit to last me a lifetime. Albert just became more and more petty. Jenny just became more and more bitchy. Of course, I apparently changed too in response to all of that bullshit I went through. It wasn’t like that in the first half of my friendship with Albert. Shit just hit the fan when Jenny showed up. It wasn’t her fault specifically. Our broken friendship was the result of how that friendship split up into different fragments. It wasn’t because of Jenny that our friendship ended. It could have been anyone else, but it was because of their relationship that ours became shit.

Since then, while I did make new friends and gained a lot of new experiences, I also have used that broken friendship as a reflection tool for my new friendships and existing ones. I am of course, a lot less outspoken, but more than that, with the help of Amber, I came to realize why I had major temper flare ups from 2010 to 2013. I won’t get into that here, but I will say that this realization has helped me greatly. While I will still at times, speak up against injustice, I will however, keep a low profile whenever I can.

So brings me back to Leemanism.

When I moved my past blog entries to my other blog, I intended to remake Leemanism into a self-help guide site solely. It would have been an extension to my Quora presence. However, as the two weeks came and went, I realized that I need Leemanism to be a bit more than that. I need to be selfish and not only let it become a self-help guide site, but also a place to extend my thought presence. The other blog will be about various personal things with no particular agenda or topic. Leemanism will be more thought-provoking, more guidance-related, more second-sight and offer perspectives.

At the time I post this blog entry, the main header graphic is a photo I took back in 2012 April when I was waiting at the Frankfurt train station for my train to arrive. It’s a nice photo eh?

This sounds kind of silly. In the middle-right of the picture, there seems to be a white building with a red rooftop. That always reminds me of some nearby office buildings here in Richmond. One day, if I drive by or bike around, I will take a pic and show you. It’s uncanny, because while I know that picture was taken in Frankfurt, Germany, my brain automatically thinks those buildings are in Richmond. So it’s like I’m tricking myself with some mind game. It’s such a weird feeling.

Anyhow, I hope you will find my blog entertaining to read and perhaps, offer you some insight in time.

Updated 2019/03/18: I have since re-merged the my old entries back into this blog. I keep doing this once every couple of years, because I feel like the tone of my blog has evolved, but after moving my old entries out for awhile, I feel like a large part of me is fragmented. Now, I have to painstakingly go through each of my other nearly 500 posts and upload their images accordingly. Oh the horror!

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