Vivid dreams scare me. They translate as nightmarish to me.

A cross between my brother Edmond and my cousin Brandon appeared in my dream as the person who was almost always with me. We were both at a camp site in a desert-like area. Beside us was a mountain with a flatten cliff side and what seemed like houses carved into random locations on it. They were styled after Roman or Greek architecture. Far below them were modern townhouses.

Brandon and I sat across from the townhouses and we looked at the mountain and the townhouses while we talked. The longer we stayed there, the more the mountain seemed smaller than I originally thought, but throughout the time sitting there, I thought how awesome that people managed to build houses on the side of the mountain because it was so dangerous, but the longer I was there, the more I realized that the mountain houses were smaller than I thought. They gradually seemed smaller than the townhouses below and eventually the mountain became a faded backdrop in the night.

I ended up in the lobby of an extravagant hotel that had wine red drapes, beige and white marble columns and tiled floors. It had chandeliers and tall potted trees. I was wearing my red ‘Royal’ long sleeve shirt and grey shorts. Brandon was there too. A blonde girl about the age of 19-21 appeared with her brunette friend. She was wearing a long wine red dress as if she was going to head out to a ball. She had long wavy blonde hair and a fine pale complexion, wine red lipstick and she looked amazing. I was enchanted by her. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. I started flirting with her and she accepted my flirts.

I thought she was European and quite exotic, especially my imagined voice accent of her. She came up to me and we made out. Her tongue was circling mine and I held her waist and hip, pulled her up close to me in full view of the receptionist, her friend and Brandon. Then she pulled away and winked.

Brandon and I ended up in a convertible car and drove down a busy street. It felt like an old 1970’s photo with a brown tinge. Somehow, we ended up in a part of the city where a warning went off. A battle was happening in the core of the city on the other side. We went further and noticed artillery fell all around us. Tanks rolled in. Soldiers were shooting everywhere. Fighter jets flew above. It was a total mess. The enemy was the invading German army of what looked like World War 2 attire. They were making siege on the capital’s government building which was the heavily fortified castle in its centre.

We escaped to the outskirts of the core, though it was still the heart of downtown, it was away from the battle. Some time later, the battle ended and the invaders driven out. The blonde girl visited me out on the street. It was a sunny day, bright and hot. She was like an angel. Her dress changed to a shimmering silver and she wore white high heels. She came up to me, gave me a kiss on my cheek, whispered something into my ear and walked away.

Then the view panned out into third person and Amber was right next to me. She ‘appeared’ there suddenly and I turned to her, took her hands into my mine, looked over at where the blonde girl disappeared into and then lead Amber away.

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