Actually, there is no ‘WoW Theory’. It’s real. Oh yeah! It’s VERY REAL!

Carlo called me ‘out of the blue’ earlier today, to see how I was, etc. We went out to Big River Red (or something like that) out near Silver City in Richmond. He had some sort of burger and I had some Garlic Fries. They aren’t really made of garlic mind you. It’s just some garlic fried with the fries. We both also had a pint of Guinness. Yum!

Throughout the hour and a bit, a small part of our conversation (say about 15%) was him laughing at me about staying so freakin long with Cindy and getting emotionally abused by her etc. Yeah yeah yeah, laugh all you want mooby-man! 8P HOWEVER, the main topic of talk was about World of Warcraft. OMGOSH! Before we even went out, on the phone we were already talking about World of Warcraft. I told him that I haven’t played that game for nearly a month. I was considering selling my account, as I was not only getting bored of it, but I was also getting tired of spending time playing games when I should be doing Razor work, as well as other stuff – like going out with my friends.

Anyway, by the time we finished, he got me so pumped on WoW, that I think I might go back to it next week. I already have a level 60 Tauren Hunter on Detheroc – been playing that char since April 2005. I’m not that big on epic raids and stuff, if you were wondering… Then I ‘recently’ (early Feb 2006) started a NE Druid on Sargeras with Carlo and Melvin. Hmmm… Still considering…

Ever since my relationship with Cindy ‘started’ going down hill ‘again’, I searched the net for other multiplayer online games. I sampled Pristontales, Rose Online, EVE Online, and some other dinky games. However, no matter how visually gorgeous EVE was, and no matter how cute and colourful Rose was, they all just didn’t have what WoW has by a million times! Not only does WoW have a deep enriching history, its characters are massively flavorful, the landscape has personality, and the quests aren’t just about killing (though I wished there were more puzzle-like quests in WoW), but there was a sense of comradery between players. There is a major sense of Horde VS Alliance.

Whereas Rag, Pris, MS, and RO were just a bunch of kids running around opening up vending shops and selling/buying stuff. Guilds were meaningless. There is nothing I want to do to continue in those games.

Games like Ragnarok, Pristontales, Maple Story, and Rose Online just didn’t have what it takes to be good multiplayer online games. They were all about killing this and that, and getting enough wood or feather for something. On top of that, what the hell is up with job tier 1 levelling at 10 and then job tier 2 levelling at 100?!?! I hate that! 8E

Yeah the developers wanted the games to be a ‘social’ playground for teenagers, etc, but man, really… Nah uh, just plain boring. Now mind you, I’m not grouping EVE with the rest of those colourful RPG’s. EVE is a game on its own. I was merely criticising Rag, PT, MS, and RO for its overall boringness and uninnovative game style.

The only OTHER reason that is keeping me away from WoW, is my ‘relationship’ from WoW to Cindy. It’s complex, and I’m not going to explain, lest Carlo points his greasy burger fingers at me and laughs in my [ahem] general direction again. 8]

What a waste of time and money… On WoW I mean… But… It IS a great game… [sigh]

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