So I went for my chest examination today. The receptionist from Dr. Tsang’s office also works at the Radiology place. Pretty cute girl I have to add. I even thought as I waited that she’s a lot more lively there than in the doc’s office. Good that she has colleagues to talk to and stuff.

Anyway, I was thinking over the last few years that I get into arguments and small debates with my friends (too). This prompted this entry because of what Mindy was telling me about. Then today, after a little argument with Albert about food, I thought that we have some pretty petty arguments about minor things, but our ideals and goals stay intact. Then I thought about the world powers like China, the U.S.A., Canada (a world power?), and Britain, and they allow their petty arguments to get in the way of what they’re supposed to be doing. So instead of arguing about ‘looking good’ or ‘looking weak’ and dishing out apologies or getting stupid grudges on being verbally attacked by something so tiny and insignificant, the world ‘leaders’ should damn concentrate on their jobs rather than holding stupid grudges against other countries based on tiny stupid things.

Eg: Jon recently challenged my job situation versus dream situation – mind u it wasn’t a petty argument. The entire debate was good because he challenged realistic criteria versus idealistic criteria, but the problem was that he wasn’t fully aware of the situation, and I’m not even talking about work-situation and more to do with what’s happening as a whole right now with family, myself, my jobs, etc. I thought it was good because he wasn’t being inflexible with his beliefs. Instead, very insightful. Obviously, if this was another person, in reverse roles, I would say practically the same things as Jon said to me, to another person.

In short, the ideal and vision is similar, just the petty things are almost always different.

BTW, “petty” meaning “of lesser or secondary importance and of little or no importance or consequence”.

Eg: Albert and I had an argument about quality of food, price, and convenience, where he said he thinks SSY is the best AUCES place and TI and RS suck monkey butts. This came about when I said Mindy wanted to go to TI cuz she thinks SSY and RS sucks old women’s toes. Then it expanded to my choice in places with a good atmosphere – which is partially true, but I like Manzo, Northern Dynasty, and Wasabi which doesn’t exist anymore. I told Albert that unless I can eat high quality super fresh uni, have yummy good quality sake, and damn good steamed rice to go with it, then whatever else is good enough for me cuz what I choose would be too expensive for all of us.

That’s why I try not to suggest preference, cuz nowadays and for the longest time, I don’t care about what I eat – so long as it’s healthy enough, tastes fine to me, has booze to complement, and isn’t pricey nor too damn far – out of the way, then it’s all good. No subs!

The way I work is, I’ll try it, if I don’t throw up and it’s good enough, then it’s fine for the next time. I’m not one of those people who will never go back to a place just because the cones are too dry – considering we went there at 10pm, or never go back because the tuna sashimi wasn’t as big as Sushi King’s, or it didn’t taste as great as some other place’s rolls. If it’s healthy enough, edible, doesn’t make me cringe, then it’s good.

For fuck sakes, if I have learned to accept McD’s – which I despised during my company days, and if I have learned to accept MSG meals from Yaohan and Lum Kee, then almost anything is good for me.

Eg: If people have to make me say it, to the very core basics, I don’t mind a LOT of things, and I try not to be picky because there’s too much hassle involved. If I get my way though, things I would choose to do and eat are:

1. go-karting
2. mountain biking
3. kayaking/canoeing
4. fishing without a hook [wink] 5. rent a manual-driven Neon and race with my friends around a track
6. walk in a park with a good view with lots of resting places
7. explore downtown’s small shops
8. go to playland – even if it sucks
9. explore Squamish casually with my bike
10. do random things for a day like go to arcade place, play bubble bobble against a friend, play a round of pool, go to a bar have a drink or two, go chill out under the runaway flight path, watch planes land and take-off, go to 7-11 at airport, have cheese nachos, dare people to do things or face the consequence of something we say, pranks – i like pranks, go to some crafts place and learn something for a day, play tag or hide and go seek, go to the zoo, do some silly things, help out monks at a buddhist temple, etc, etc, etc

When ever we all stand around and try to decide what to do, I always sigh and wish I have lots of money so I can do anything on whim. Alas I was a stupid person back in the day, so blah.

Anyway, I compromise 90% of everything I want to do with my friends. Speak about ‘easy-going’, laid-back, fluff… 8]

No hassles. So whenever Albert or anyone else wants to do something and Pat and I are around, don’t worry about it – just do it. It’s not like we eat at the Keg or Earl’s every day – holy crap that would be so gross and expensive. Yeah just do it. Like Nike.



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    Totally off topic, but I was thinking, if you wanna “wow” your next gf (who’s “holy batman, is that pie?” btw? :D) you could save your fingernail and toenail clippings and put them all in a special jar titled, “Some clips for my lover. A collection. 1995 to 2007”. 😀

  2. 3

    Aya don’t say that here!!! I mean especially when u put it right after the gf part… 8P I have to go edit it if you don’t mind… Sorry Spongey… [cough]

    ++Some clips for my lover. A collection. 1995 to 2007++

    AND… Where did u get the idea for that?!?!?!

  3. 4
    Fong Pei

    “So whenever Albert or anyone else wants to do something and Pat and I are around, don’t worry about it – just do it.”

    alright, next time we hang out, we’re going for meatball subs….and only meatball subs. There will be no alcohol for that night either….well, you can have your oolong cognac. =)

  4. 5

    I feel like the odd man out, here.
    Well….I am, technically. All the way out in Alberta! Dx

    So yeah. Your ideal day shit there, looks good dude. You should do that some day. Take a few days off, and just be a total kid. xD God man, get your butt out into the daylight, and PLAY….no tthe adult play either, that can wait till the red lights go on.
    If you catch my drift.

  5. 6

    FP: “we’re going for meatball subs”

    Me: Go suck a monkey’s toes! ALL OF THEM!

    FP: “well, you can have your oolong cognac. =)”

    Me: BASTARD! You know this guy replaced my Cognac XO with TEA!!!! 8P

    Sam: “Well….I am, technically. All the way out in Alberta!”

    Me: We’re ALL Canadian, and that’s all it counts! 8]

    Sam: “God man, get your butt out into the daylight, and PLAY”

    Me: Yes, I need my others areas to tan more…. If you see me now, my arms are dark, my face is a bit coloured, and everything else is white. I look quite nasty for a slender guy. It might make u throw up loads. LOADS AND LOADS! 8]

    AND LOADS!!!

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