Starting tomorrow, I will be transferred from the OS&O Gunboat to the Pacific Corvette. Damn, that means no more dicking around. The crew there will be a lot stricter and duller. This means no more music, and no more fun.

[“We Belong Together” – Mariah Carey]

I don’t need the extra work. I have the Razor Frigate to thank for that. Commodore Ray already has loads up my ass. I don’t think I can fit any more up there. Hopefully, they will only need me temporarily, cuz I really hate that dark, stuffy, and super dull place. Plus, their Lt. Com is a bit elitist towards me.

You may be wondering why I would lower myself to work at Olivon/Pacific as a fucking Lt. 2nd Grade when I already have a post at the Razor Frigate as a Lt.Com? Well, I already said my piece a few entries ago, so that’s that. If I wanted to deal with shit, I would have applied a job aboard a cruiser and earned my stars with a higher wage and commission.

How do you like the metaphors so far? 8] [“Stronger” – Sugar Babes]

Gotta go to bed soon. I need my 6+ hours. Cuz tomorrow after I come back home from my day job, I have to rush to get half of the Fuzzy Chin stuff done. Can’t say much about it cuz we at vulnerable stage for it.

Hopefully, Commodore Ray will be able to secure a bulk of funds to upgrade our ship and hire some crew members, cuz though I hate delegating work, I find that it has become a bit overwhelming. Plus, it would be pretty cool to get a nice promotion from Lt. Com to Commander. I wish for it to happen this Summer. If it goes well, then that’s all I really need to get my family’s security complete, then I can go on to my own stuff.


Here’s a question to think about: How many licks does it take to get a girl to cum all over your face? Mind you, this has to do with a girl who likes to get her clit licked in the first place.

I wanted to ask the lollipop question, but I haven’t had one of those since the early 90’s – maybe even the late 80’s!


^^ That’s Brandon sometime in December 2005 or January 2006. Hopefully, he will never read my blogs and never become anything like me. He’s a good kid. There are very few out there that is as caring, considerate, and thoughtful as he has become. I don’t mind giving a few years of my life in exchange for him to get well. Correction, I don’t mind giving the other half of my life away in exchange for him to get well. I first need to make sure my parents are taken care of.


Hang in there buddy.



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    Brandon is my 9 year old cousin. You know come to think of it, I just realized he’s 9!! I always thought he was 6 – every year… Ah, how they grow up so fast.

    Anyway, Brandon has a microscopic hole in his heart. Sometimes his heart beats really fast and he gets dizzy. He hates the hospital and cries almost every time, but he told me he tries not to cry because it upsets his mommy and makes her cry too. Doctors don’t want to operate on him cuz he’s too young, so he’s taking medcation for it.

    When I taught him how to ride a 2 wheel bike at the school parking lot one summer, I was so happy for him, but when I found out that he had this problem and couldn’t play sports like the other kids, it really broke my heart.

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