Vanilla Sky was a really good movie with a really sad undertone. I’ve had thoughts about that, even before I watched that movie. [thinks a bit] Imagine that eh?

Originally, this entry was made a couple of days ago, but with sleepiness creeping up on me, I saved it and came back on it now. There is a coincidence here that I found amusing.

My mom bought a box of Quaker Chewy’s from Costco a few weeks ago. They’re really yummy, though a bit too sweet. Since then, I would randomly pick one from a glass container, and it would always either be Blueberry or Strawberry flavoured. I wondered, “I thought there are more types!”

On Sunday night, Spongey came over and had a two and a half hour chat over Guava Juice, Blueberry Juice, and some Veggy Chips. I brought the container of Chewy’s up to my room and realized that the entire thing was filled with Vanillia flavoured Chewy’s. I thought, “Why were all the vanilla ones here? Huh? How did that happen?”

Anyway, if you catch my drift, I find it coincidentally humorous. If not, go back to bed. This is a dream. [waves hands around]



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    I do believe in ‘cosmic hints’ actually. As much as I would like to think it’s all a coincidence, being an individual that was born from the elements of the universe itself, it wouldn’t be wholely accurate to say “we happen just because”, now could we? So if the universe works as it should, then what happens is all just part of the universe doing its thing. Whether we eventually find out why and or what, is up for grabs and the usual debates.

    Imagine a creek with the occasional boulder, rocks, and twigs. Water run through it quietly and calmly, with a few swirls and whirlpools here and there. If you place a leaf on it, it will drift down as the current takes it and bump into the obstacles and twirl around as it would. So that’s the universe working as it should. We can of course, influence the course of that leaf, if we put our finger in the creek to make the water run a different way, or add obstacles to it, or dig up another arm for the water to go into, etc, etc. However, if I don’t do anything about it, the leaf will continue its course, as it should – as it would regardless.


    So of course, it could be a coincidence that things have been happening, but I can’t say they happen just because. People can argue that chance is the measurement of opportunity in ratio to infinity, but as you see, there is a paradox there. Opportunity for a six sided die is one in six, but the chance for you to roll any one of those numbers is an opportunity of one in six of affinity. So it is possible to roll one million side two’s and ten thousand side sixes and five hundre side three’s. There aren’t magic tricks or skill where you can construct a rolling technique to roll specific numbers. It’s all just luck, and luck is based on [drum roll] the illusion that you can specifically get what you want, even when you least expect it. Thus the chance of you succeeding just so happens to be bundled into those opportunist instances of affinity.

    That’s my take on cosmic influences and chances.

    Anyhow, I wonder about this though – not just this scenerio. I’m talking about the things that has happen and in chance, as they do, even when I barely influence the opportunities to happen. It’s like unlocking a door, leaving it slightly open, but bare no sign nor flashing banner anywhere, and having people invite themselves into it. Come to think of it, it must be that slight opening in a cookie cutter neighborhood, that attracts curious and possibly, mischievious people.


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