This song is from the ‘pondering days’ of my youth. The days after lost and exposure. This was 1999.

A few weeks ago, my mom shed a tear for me with a slightly whimpering voice she said in Cantonese: “You choose the hardest path, walk the toughest road, through the thickest of obstacles to achieve a little enjoyment and when you get that sparkle of joy, life smacks you back down and you walk another difficult road. It breaks my heart to see you go through such a life.”

Tune: “Shadow Fighter” by Sushi Brother (frank b remix)
Mood: Heavy and light
Drink: Coca Cola


It is not a wonder why people often abandoned me. Most people cannot stand a person with a precision mind. Those that can are either extremely tolerant or extremely patient, probably both.

I am a walking contradiction. My greatest traits are also my biggest weaknesses. I need sleep.

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