Actually, it’s 8 degrees Celsius right now. Amazing right?

If you’ve noticed, I merged my old blog with this one and took out quite a bit of crap from that old blog. Mainly the miscellaneous video entries and a few religious debate entries. For the religious stuff, I wiped them off my site but have begun importing articles I’ve ‘written’ in the past, with updated information onto this site. They will be in another section called “The Critical Mind”. I will also add a section that expresses my personal philosophies when dealing with different relationships, calling that section “Spring Roses”.

Another section I will be adding is a section of miscellaneous but useful procedures that people can go to when they need that specific sort of help. One example is my recent battle with a noisy neighbor in which they finally shut the hell up. Persistence is key, but I’ll get into that later. I’ll call that section “Useful Stuff”.

Lastly, I will add a comic to this site, updated randomly. At the moment, it’s about 3 East Indian ronin and a Viking Ninja. In their journeys, they will meet fascinating people and explore wonderful places.

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