^^ Spongey, the Blood Elf priest. Before I logged off, she made it all the way to level 8. Give her a hand for making so far! [wink]

This morning, I was woken up by someone ringing my cell. It was a previous client asking me for something. After I hung up, for a moment, I felt like a young kid again when a huge yellow exclamation mark popped over my head. I dazely got out of bed, went downstairs and found a parcel addressed to me, as well as a Visa statement from my bank that I need to pay $23 minimum this month. Didn’t I cancel paper letters from RBC?!?

Anyway, I went back upstairs to my room, opened the package and smiled. It was the Burning Crusade expansion for WoW. Before I could muster up any energy to go install it, I fell back asleep.

About an hour later, I got up, did some other stuff, installed the 10 gigs worth of files from BC, and then found out that WoW had server maintence. Damn! So I loaded up Neverwinter Nights 2, played that for 2.5 hours, and finally logged back into WoW.

I did some quests and stuff for Capricorn, then created Spongey, and then Qin on Vashj, and then Fongpei on the same server. Fun overall. Yay! 8]


^^ My GOSH! [dies from a heart attack, then as a priest, she comes over and resurrects me] She even has the HOOPY LOOPS OF DOOM!


^^ The Blood Elven men are hunks and the Blood Elven women are gorgeous! Look at that! WOW!

BTW poor kitty! Wherever Spongey goes, cats die in her wake! I guess only the strongest pussies survive! [wink]



^^ [howls] Oh yeah! DANCE baby! DANCE! WIGGLE your fine ass! [laughs]


^^ Before Blood Elves, only the Night Elven women and Undead women danced erotically. Well… Blood Elven women don’t really dance erotically, but they look so damn fine doing whatever they’re doing anyway! YUM!


^^ What’s a rural girl to do in such a big city?!


^^ Who’s that? 8]


^^ Indeed…


^^ Spongey contemplating at a Silvermoon City park bench. It also looks like she’s trying to hold her pee in! Scary! Bunnies BEWARE!


^^ I made another spoof character named “Fongpei” after the notorious Fong Pei here in my cozy abode. Like Spongey, he’s a Blood Elf, except he’s a Paladin. [laughs] I couldn’t multi-class him to a Ninja unfortunately… [wink]


^^ In his rage, he took it out on 4 Stalker cats.


^^ As he headed for home, he came across Spongey wearing only her thong and sports bra, dancing. To show his manly might, he killed a kitten. Spongey blew a kiss to him for his glorious victory against a level 0 cat, and she remarked, “How did you know?! I’m allergic to cats!”


^^ Back out into the wilderness, Fongpei bravely confronted a level 1 Mana Wyrm! [gasps]

Right. 8]


^^ On a similar note, I created another character for primary use for the server Vashj. His name is Qin, a level 7 Blood Elf Hunter at the moment with professions in Jewelcrafting and will be learning Mining soon as well. He is the Defender Of Cats worldwide. Wherever there are cats and bunnies alike, he will be there to protect them from such evil predators like Paladin Ninjas! Evil doers BEWARE! Rawr!


^^ Anyway I am thinking of levelling this guy up so I might not have to transfer my level 60 Tauren Hunter over from the server Detheroc.



PS: Terry, I got your email. Don’t know if you received my reply yet, but if you read this first, all I have to say is that it sucks you can’t play any more or not as much! 8(


Add yours
  1. 1

    I started a guild on Misha. >>; Four members have left. We were at 12, and now are at 8. Actually, more might have left, I haven’t been on there since this morning so….
    My Dwarf hunter is level 19, took long enough…one more level for dual weild! Yay~!

    And holy fuck man! That city looks so fucking gorgeous. I wish I had the money to get the expansion. X__x I really want to get a blood elf going, and maybe a draenei. Specially want to know about their racial abilities. And I want Jewel crafting for my new rogue(which is what my bloodelf will be if I can ever get the expansion, so my current rogue is just basically practice with the class).

    Haven’t been on Detheroc much lately. For some reason I seem to lag more on that server then I do on Misha, or on Aery Peak(spelling). And EP is a server that is always marked as full!
    Hell, myt mages exp bar must be rested so much that I could hunt for hours before I go normal again. xD Possibly right up to level twenty or so.

    Oh, and I have a development in my life that I’m going to email you about. I mention it here only cause it could seriously affect my ability to even play WoW from now on….

  2. 2

    Yeah, Detheroc’s population is MASSIVE! So it lags sometimes, even for me.

    Check your email. I got your latest one. PLEASE tell me you got my latest reply! Also, when you reply, can you check whether your computer uses regular SD RAM, DDR RAM, or DDR2 RAM?

  3. 4

    I contemplated on creating a bunch of spoof characters for future comics, but wow, that would be so much work! So I’ll stick with Fongpei the Paladin Ninja, Spongey the Priest with the HOOPS OF DOOM, and Qin the Tauren Hunter reborn.

    BTW, I KNOW WHAT you’re winking about when you said that! 8P

  4. 5
    Fong Pei

    Ok listen….a paladin ninja is the perfect combination of strength, agility, honour and well…..no honour =P

    how long can you have the names? I think Kypreos “Fong Pei” Linguini would be a nice name 😉

  5. 6

    You know what? I was going to make a Night Elf character a few weeks ago named Kypreos, but totally forgot. Also, it’s not possible to make names with spaces unfortunately… Might make two new ones called “Kypreos” and then “Linguini”. They could all be facets of you too! WOW! 8]

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