I’m sure many people have come to a point in their relationships where they wonder where it’s going and wonder where their partners place them in the bigger picture of things. In my years playing the flirtation and intimacy game, this one thing has never crossed my mind until my relationship with Amber. More frequently, this one thing hasn’t crossed my mind more clearly until the recent months.

On one hand, I have my pride and past glory. On the other, I have submitted to the very thing I despise. People might think that pride is just unnecessary personal ego and that past glory means very little in the present day of things. However, pride and past glory makes up the “who” and “why” factors of a person’s character. So long as the person realizes how pride can be used and not let it take over good reasoning. Past glory should be used as a guidance tool and not a means to boast extravagantly.

Anyway, the thing I despise is anti-logic. Logically, a man and a woman falls in love and makes sure that love is kept within arms reach. I am not saying this literally of course. Yet I find myself in this situation where I am almost constantly telling myself the following:

– “I need to be patient.”
– “I should avoid the negatives and focus on the little steps of positives.”
– “I can’t revert back to that ‘monster’ I was. I need to give her that support she needs.”
– “Even though I gave her money to easily get internet back, there must be a reason why she isn’t getting it and I must accept it.”
– “I will avoid the internet issue as much as I can and just try to think about other things.”

At the same time, I am struggling with:

– “Why doesn’t she just get her internet back? I’m paying for a game she can’t play. I gave her money specifically for the internet and she’s wasting my money and time.”
– “Why isn’t she answering my very simple questions?”
– “I wish she would reciprocate my naughty messages.”
– “I wish things were more equal and middle of the way with us.”

I’ll be honest of course. It bugs me a lot. It’s the sort of annoyance where I would have blown up in a volcanic rage in the near past. However, in my method of trying not to think about them, I have focused on work, games, this blog and getting reconnected with friends. In this process of re-focusing my attention, I have this ‘fear’ that I may fall out of love or worst: fall for someone else at the same time.

I asked myself many times: “Am I with Amber because I feel obligated to her?”

My answer has always resulted in a long series of thoughts and the resulting answer was always the same: “No.”

Like my video about Amber, I just know and see so much in her that we can make this work, but this lack of communication on her part has turned me off on many fronts. For one, why am I re-focusing my energy and mind into other things when I shouldn’t?

I also asked myself these questions:

– “Does she expect I would stick with her after years of poor communication?”
– “Does she expect our relationship to stay healthy if this continues on?”
– “Does she realize how difficult it is to maintain this relationship when my mind is being drawn away from this relationship by so many other things?”

I already actively avoid other women. I make sure I don’t get drunk in the presence of other women and questionable people. In fact, I have quit hard liquor and cut down on beer and wine consumption by a lot. From 2000 to mid 2012, I used to drink one bottle of wine on average per week. On some occasions, I drank up to two bottles of wine per week and a few cans of beer. In my earlier days, I drank $200 to $500 of alcohol per weekend. That’s not including food. From mid 2012 to now, I haven’t touched a drop of hard liquor and the last time I had wine was ten days ago and that was one and a half glasses of white wine.

What I am getting at is I am trying to avoid places, people and situations where I can ‘give in to the moment of weakness’. I am doing an excellent job so far, but I have to confess the thought has crossed my mind as a fantasy.

I never actually believed in “true love”. Even now I don’t believe in it. The words “true love” is a psychological misgiving suited for the love sick and naive. However, I have to admit that this kind of feels like that. I thought:

– “It’s not really a matter of how long I must wait, but more like when it happens, it will finally be nice.”
– “I can only see her at the airport coming out of the arrival gate.”
– “We can finally have dinner together after I’ve cooked for her and she watched me cook.”
– “We can lay in bed together and just smile and talk in my unlit room.”
– “I can show her the places I grew up at and the places that were memorable to me now sharing a part of that experience with her.”
– “I can take care of her when she is sick.”
– “We can web cam with her family occasionally.”
– “I’ll show her Pacific Spirit regional park and show her the beams of sun rays through the trees.”
– “I’ll watch her eat her first lobster tail.”
– “We’ll buy groceries together.”

And so on and so forth, but I am struggling much more so now than before. Before, I would just send her series of angry emails and somehow calm down and then try to come to a strong compromise. No, instead, this time, I sent her two emails and some texts of disappointment.

Sometimes, I wonder if she realizes what she is doing or rather, not doing and by not doing anything, what she hopes to achieve. Can someone shed some light into this ultra-illogical reasoning for me?

I’m at a crossroads. Should I keep supporting someone who:

– has rarely been there for me
– has promised many things and broken almost all of them
– has constantly avoided my very easy to answer questions
– has repeatedly made excuses to do the very easy things that connect us together
– has created a reason to not come here
– has repeatedly ignored my messages

It’s more complicated than just leaving the relationship because of her issues. Then again, maybe I am making excuses to stay. It feels like she’s taking advantage of me, my generosity, my willingness to make huge compromises. Does anyone see something vastly unfair and wrong here or is it just me? Does anyone else thing she is using me? I feel like I have become a weak idiot.

This song pretty much sums up my thoughts.


The translation of this song is below:

Until you don’t look for me

Remembering who walked past at the time
The second hand had suddenly stopped
The temperature and humidity changed too often
Memories repeatedly overlapping
Your expressions had hinted
愛的 可能是我
Maybe the person (you) love is me
想法太亂 幻覺太多
Thoughts are too confused, too many illusions
疑慮很大 直到說不清楚
Hesitation is too much, until words become unclear
心算太慢 但仍然算錯
Calculating by heart is too slow, but still calculated incorrectly
找對人 偏錯過
Found the right person, but missed the opportunity

Until (you) begin to not able to find me
Until finally don’t want to find me
Until meet someone 
Evade someone
Can’t overtake
Can’t hide
Until you brush past
Then recognise me
Torment for both of us
Like the beginning

想法太亂 直覺對麼
Thoughts are too confused; is the intuition correct?
疑慮很大 直到愛不清楚
Hesitation is too much, until love becomes unclear
當這世上 全懷疑我錯
When everyone on earth doubts that I am wrong
總有人 相信我
There will be always someone who believes me

Source: http://forum.raymondlam.org/index.php?topic=766.0

So often, I would pick my phone and have a strong desire to text her some words of encouragement, but with so little to go on, I usually stop myself from doing it and put down my phone again.


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    This certainly doesn’t sound right. But, you know, reciprocation isn’t always perfect. Then again this just seems like less than what it should be. I can’t really give you advice because I’m young and inexperienced. All I can say is that try to respect the differences and accept her for who she is. I know it is easier said than done but tolerance is important. Maybe she is not aware. Some people are just not aware about how much effort their lovers put in for them. And you can’t blame them really. And well, that’s all I’ll say.

    • 2

      Sounds good. It’s true that some people aren’t aware. At the very least, they can’t grasp the ‘measurement’ of effort, though I didn’t like to use “measurement” but I’m sure you know what I mean.

      • 3

        Yeah, I understand. In love, people do expect some things, and they are not wrong to do that.

      • 4

        I’m a bit surprised that you’re so insightful. What happened in the last year? You went from an “I don’t understand why…..” attitude to a “Well, these sort of things happen when…..”  ^_^

  2. 5

    Last year a cow came charging at me because I was sitting on it’s grass. And it’s true, I’m not joking.

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