About an hour before I go into work-mode. I have a major short-video production I need to create for work tomorrow. Yes, as usual, leave it to the last moment to complete it.

So yesterday, I went to the Pacific Spirit trails with Albert and Jenny. We started our ride at 6:30pm and ended around 9:30pm. We only rode on the trails for about 2 hours though. An hour and a half of that went to resting, looking for a rest-room, and eating at McD’s. Overall, it was a good ride.

You can barely see it in one of the pictures, but it read 37 degrees Celsius. This was around 3:30pm at Albert’s parents’ place. Carlo came over round 3pm to pick up his Firefly DVD’s, talked a bit and left. Pat came over just as Carlo was leaving and we hung out at Al’s parents’ place as we tried to fix up one of his bikes for Jenny. You know what really luns? Pat at that last moment said, “Why don’t I lend you my bike?”

We spent an hour trying to fix that bike. If only he had said that earlier… Well, that’s alright, sweat beads were rolling down his right butt the entire time he stood outside talking with us. [thumbs up] Fantastic to know, but that’s okay, I share with him some pretty nasty things as well. [sigh]

Pat was dressed up cuz he just came from a wedding ceremony between Kevin and Christa. He had to go to the banquet at 6:30pm tho, but he did express an interest to come with us.

Anyway, we rode around Clinton, Iron Knee, Salish, Sasami (?), and St. George a few more times before settling back to the van. Riding the last kilometre up SW Marine westward was nice, though super windy. The sun was setting, the sky was clear, the wind cooled us down from the nearly 3 hours of sticky sweaty riding. We went to Fairbee… No, it’s called something else now… We went to “something else” for BBT. Al had a Strawberry Smoothie, Jenny had Milk Tea, and I had Coconut. Dropped them back at his parents’ house, then off to home I went. I spent another hour and a bit cleaning out all the dust and mud and other yucky crap from the chain, gears, and stuff from my bike. My right hand was completely jet black! By the time I finished, I couldn’t help but go out for a 10 minute ride around the neighborhood. It was great. 8]

To back-track a bit, Albert asked me after eating at McD’s, “What were you thinking about? You were so quiet.” I smiled and answered, “Nothing. You were quiet too!” Then laughed.

Actually, I was watching the few busses that came, stopped, dropped off the people, and left, over and over again. I also thought about coming to that exact McD’s a few years ago with Albert. It was Autumn I think back then. Other things I thought about was why the passing 30 year old Asian mommy kept glancing at me when she was holding her daughter’s hand. She walked by about four or five times. Maybe she was horny. [suddenly laughs then stops abruptly]

Well, a lot of things came to mind really. I thought about all the times I’ve been to UBC with Albert, like that night we scaled the fences and hopped over into the gardens late at night one night a few years ago. Walking around in Autumn when the leaves drizzle down from the trees, all along the roadway near the libraries. Eating at The Pit – the super yummy burgers. Running in and out of the Commerce building with Ed and Al, drawing on the white and green boards, fooling around, etc.

I also counted the amount of bites I took to finish my fishy burger, but forgot to continue to count after the fourth bite… 8/ I thought that the Orange Crush tasted a lot like Metamucil. I also realized that the fries will give me a lot of extra energy. I wondered why sodium helps me work-out. I wondered why the guy to my left, left his half eaten hamburger on his tray and went somewhere else, to realize he just went to the washroom to take a 10 minute dump… I’m guessing here… I also thought that Albert is a pervert.

Aft… Hmmm…. Well, there was one other thought, but that happened AFTER eating inside when Albert mentioned something. [laughs] Nevermind you! 8P

Hmmm… That last stretch back to my van was nice… It was really nice.


Photo credit: Condé Nast Traveler

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