“Weenerschnitzle” and “Twinginberries” seems to be Pat’s two most spoken ‘words’. I lucka no speek engrish.


Boy are my quads sore! I cycled for 15 minutes and then did my round of gym exercises for about 30 minutes on Friday, then on Saturday, I went for a ‘quick’ 25 minute trail ride with Pat through Pacific Spirit, and today, Sunday, we went hiking up the Grouse Grind.

Right, so for Saturday, I drove over to the Historic Lookout south of the Pacific Spirit trails, parked, unloaded my bike and biked to the SUB (UBC Campus), met up with Pat who was fixing his front inner tube. After that, the time read 5:30pm. CRAP! We had to be back in Richmond by 6:30pm at McKim’s on Garden City with his parents and Mah Mah.

Anyway, so we rode around the NW bend of NW Marine Drive, entered through the NW entrance of the Salish trail, which mind you was a gradual 40 degree climb upwards for about 5 minutes. It was a good ride overall, not too technical and not too easy. It was just right, but as Pat had expressed, I also wish the Salish trail was a bit more difficult and at least double the length, and if it was a cycling-only trail, it would have been pretty sweet as well. The ride was a little over 5 kilometres from the NW entrance to the SE exit. It took us less than 25 minutes to ride through it, but mind you, we did stop a couple of times to check our route.

After that, we got back to my car, drove to Ditchmond, and arrived at McKim’s earlier than his parents. Wow, was I so SO sweaty and sticky from all that sunscreen! Aya sailo! BBT from Oasis – got Avocado with pearls. Thanks Laura, you’re so yummy in picking yummy drinks for my yummy tongue… 8]


^^ There are other pictures, but I’m just going to put this one up cuz it’s sick depending on whether you have a sick first impression or not… What does it look like to you? 8]

Ladies, he’s NOT homosexual. I just love bugging the bajeebus out of him cuz he’s a bit ‘conservative’ that way… [laughs]

For yesterday (Sunday), I got up around 9:30am, but didn’t actually get to the friggin Grouse Grind trail until nearly noon! This was due to various factors, but I will not say what they were. {meow}

The hike started out with Pat, Emma, Brandina (sp?), Flora, and I. It ended up being Pat, Emma, and I. Then Pat disappeared, and it was only Emma and I. Flora and Brandina was way way way way below somewhere. They were hung-over from the previous night. Fantastic.

So after ALMOST 3 HOURS, we finally got to the top. Well, I guess I never got to beat my 62 minute hike up the Grind today then… [sigh] I’m not mad. It was still fun. Mind you, I was sweating as if all my pours were mini fawcets (sp?), drip here, drip there, pour there, and pour here. Yeah, it was fanfriggintastic.


^^ On the way through Van Downtown to pick up Emma.


^^ Pat in all his might and glory.


^^ Emma, camera shy. So silly… {meow}


^^ Pat cracked me up by saying, “Why do you keep taking that same picture every time? Do you have a camera fetish? I mean, I wear the exact same hat, the exact same sunglasses, and you take the picture from the exact same position every single time. It’s essentially the same picture over and over again!”


Anyone ever studied art? Remember the 36 Views of Mount Fuji? Yeah, I’ve been trying create something similar with Pat. Except that since he’s mainly the driver, and I am mainly the passenger, my hand can only go so far before I disturb his driving sight and driving space. So in spirit, I am ‘essentially’ taking many different ‘mental’ views of Patrick in all his might and glorious power.


^^ I was ACTUALLY not really taking a picture of myself, and trying to take a pic of Emma sitting behind me. Hahaha… She’s so cute. Like a kitten…


I have to stop with this kitten and cat stuff! DAMN YOU CINDY!!! WHY?!?!? WHY MUST?!??!?!?

No no, it’s not like that at all. I think I am FAR beyond that for anything… MAYBE HOWEVER that one Asian looking girl who sat to the right of Pat on the long table with the bar-stools. She was with her friend, who was wearing a white cap I believe. Yeah, so this girl had the most perfect femininity about her. Like a much more refined version of Virginia. Damn it, I was glancing at her and smiling, and I think she did the same too, BUT unfortunately, I AM SUPER SUPER SUPER SHY when it comes to women whom I find very attracted to AND are strangers to me. DAMN F…! I have to stop swearing… [sigh]

Yeah, she was pretty cute, in my eyes, just aesthetics alone, I think she was/is quite beautiful. Well, I just have to brush this one aside and consider it another lost-chance. Maybe I can even tell myself, I am too damn ugly for someone like her.

Low self-esteem? Hardly. I am a realist remember? I am looking at this objectively, but mind you, I am ALSO trying to justify and make myself feel better by trying to make me believe that. HOWEVER, BECAUSE I can look at things objectively and neutrally, I also know that I am a friggin ‘tard.

[sighing profusely]

Must I leave things to destiny again? What if I am friggin 30 by the time I find my next companion? Then what’s the…

Never mind.


^^ Flora poking her belly?


^^ Brandina chilling in the sun, chowing on her sandwich, and looking cool. She is a pretty cool person I think. Really friendly, out-going, willing to do things, fun… Mhm… I think she would make a pretty good friend.


^^ Emma! She looked so surprised. 8]


^^ Emma again! WOW! My cam’s on a roll!


^^ On the way back to Van DT, I initially sat shotgun, but wanted to hear what Emma was trying to say, since the A/C was BLASTING IN MY FACE, TRYING TO RIP MY EYES, NOSE, AND LIPS OFF… [ahem] So I jumped behind Pat… I mean, sat in the seat behind him and took this SEXY PIC OF HIM! WOW, HOT! Ladies? Don’t all come at once now! Hahahaha… He’s a great guy. Not a bad boy… BUT a great guy! He prefers CBC’s unfortunately. I resent CBC bit… I mean… Being called a CHINESE. Which part of me was born in China?!?!

Anyway, off topic again…

[“Amarantine” – Enya]


^^ And finally me… Leeman Fong Pei Tsang of the Cheng family. 8] No, this is an inside joke, but most people from our Grade 12 comp sci class and possibly most of Jon’s friends as well as most of my closest friends know about this… BASTARD!

What’s that sound?


Two extra strength painkillers, and only the bottom of my left foot hurts.

Milk does the body good.

I have 2.5 projects due this Tuesday. I have only started on one. I am nul.

BTW, no matter how funny the trailers look for “Grandma’s Boy”, the movie sucks. IT SUCKS! Furthermore, the movie SUCKS MONKEY BUTTS! MONKEY BUTTS!



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  1. 1

    hey Li, you gotta be careful you don’t drink too many of them avocado milk tea drinks. :p They’re racked with fat/calories… 🙂

    Also that pic of Flora poking her belly, with the way the light shines over her body, it looks as though she’s got a gimp hand that’s shrivelled up and rather stumpy looking :s

  2. 2

    Oh yeah and the pic of you behind Pat. Looks like you’re going to devour and ravage his vulnerable and unwilling neck :p

  3. 3

    Yes, but they’re so yummy! Irresistably yummy! [rubs tummy]

    Pat’s unwillingness is just a sign of his virgin boyhood. Look how he squints… As if! 8]

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