Clearly I have unresolved issues from my far past, but exactly what those things are, only I will know of them, unless someone else comes along to figure out the mystery.

It was a long multi-part somewhat convoluted dream. I woke up a couple of times over the night and managed to go back to the same dream. I won’t be able to describe the whole dream, but I’ll do the best I can for what I remember.

It was some sort of private school I was a part of. It felt like I was a former student who was invited by the leaders of the school to show support for the top 5 students of the graduating year. Before I got there, a series of events happened such as being stranded at the airport, getting lost along the way from the airport, bumping into Andy where he ended up showing me around the rather quiet town surrounding the school, and seeing random people from my past that either didn’t interact with me or interacted with me briefly. I eventually found my way to the school through a helpful gentleman who either worked at the school or went there as a student. It felt like he did both. He drove a kart around while wearing a while t-shirt. Reminds me of someone that works on a golf course.

Eventually, I was introduced to the five students. One of them was Andy. Another was Brandon. Two of the other three were girls of no distinct familiarity. The last one was a girl that really stood out to me. Right off the bat, I felt flushed and my heart beat really fast. Love at first sight, but I behaved like everything was normal. I wanted to keep looking at her, but I made an effort to look away as to not creep her out.

As a side note, since age differences is a huge issue for some people, the girl was somewhere from 17 to 22 and I don’t know what my exact age was, but it could be anywhere from my mid twenties to my current age of forty three. However, age doesn’t have any meaning in most of my dreams, unless the focus of the dream was about age. I could very well be any age from pre-birth to 1,000 years old and ultimately won’t make any sort of difference, because everything comes down to the dream’s story and purpose. To clarify, dreams not focused on age, is solely about feelings. This isn’t real life where there are social consequences for a 21+ year old dating a 16-18 year old in most western countries.

Anyway, preparations were made to prepare the five students for whatever they were going to do at the end of the week. A stage was setup, invitations for a full small stadium was given out, music bands, and other performances will also be included. I wasn’t sure exactly what my role was in all of that, but somehow, I was an honoured guest. Most of the time, I just sat around with my feet up literally, watching people. I also wore the school uniform, but sometimes, it was unbutton at the top near the collar. I felt like such an anime bad ass. I even had hair! Haha!

Specifically, I remember sitting on a chair near the stage. Andy was sitting next to me leaning forward resting his head and arms on the back of another chair. My legs were up and my hands crossed over my chest. We just waited and people watched. The entire time however, I kept thinking about that girl I met earlier and how much I wish I could get to know her.

Eventually, we all ended up back at the school and people were escorting the top 5 students into three separate white vans. It was a large escort of many black cars. I boarded a car behind the last van, where the girl was in. This part of the dream was super weird. Somehow, all of the vans and my car was invisible. So I could see the students and drivers floating in the air, ‘driving’ to their destinations. Even though the five students were in three separate vans, somehow, all five of them were in the same van as the girl and all sitting on the back seat in a row.

I was checking out the girl from behind and noticed her thin waist, lovely apple bottom, long hair, etc. Then suddenly, after I turned away for a split moment, I noticed one of the other girls sitting directly behind the girl I liked. I was so annoyed she was blocking my view.

There was an intersection where the escort needed to turn into. Since we were left behind at the light, suddenly I heard a loud crash, followed by more cars speeding up. I got out, ran to the place, and saw the three vans flipped over in various places. I was emotionless while I walked around the wreckages. Lots of people were around, some trying to understand what happened, others dug through the rubble. I saw Andy with his eyes closed, lying down with his legs bent being cared for. I saw Brandon the same way, somewhere else. While I looked completely calm, I was frantically looking around for the girl.

After awhile, my worry compounded and I started to show that franticness, until I got a tap on my shoulder from behind. I turned around quickly and the girl was standing there with her hands behind her back. I almost hugged her, but quickly composed myself. I was happy she was not hurt. While I could not make out words exchanged, I felt we spoke a bit about how glad she was not hurt and how she got out injury-free. Also found out other stuff about her. Regardless, there was a low-key flirtatious exchange of words in the moments that followed.

Eventually, we all arrived at the stadium. All five students were somehow bent over on their hands and knees, under a large curtain on the stage. Some other people also were in front of them under the curtain, explaining something to them. In the dream, I didn’t think anything weird about it. Outside of the dream, I wondered what the purpose of them doing that was. It was just such an odd thing to do. The people finished telling them instructions, and all five of the students starting getting out of the curtain. The girl had her dress go up her legs as she slid backwards through the edges of the curtain. I boldly went up to her and pulled her dress back down. She looked back at me with a smirk. Somehow, her red thong also showed and it was coming off of her at the same time. So with as little contact with her body, I pulled her thong up with her dress between my hands. She thanked me and continued our specific roles.

Before I woke up, there was a part where I was hugging her while she looked up at me with her beautiful eyes. As I woke up, I tried to remember what she looked like. In my dream, that girl was somewhat obviously Asian, however, she looked like a combination of Virginia, Cindy, and Amber. Specifically, Virginia’s physique when I met her all those years ago, Cindy’s perkiness and cheeky grin, then Amber’s face and long brown hairstyle. Even more specifically, I think it has to do with seeing a picture of Amber yesterday where she put on a strip of black make-up across her eyes. Amber looked especially hot and girly there.

I don’t know what the dream is about per se. I get dreams about my high school years in various forms over the entirety of my adult life, but they were not all necessarily about my high school years reflected from real life. Meaning I’ve had dreams where my high school were all made up of people in their 30s to 50s, dreams where it wasn’t even inside my high school but a gothic town, sometimes dreams where we all work at a factory. Perhaps someone else can give me insight. However, one thing is for sure, sometimes, I crave the touch and dynamics of a Chinese woman again. To be clear, every woman brings their own dynamics influenced by their culture, upbringing, and mannerisms. Specifically in this case, it reminds me just how much I miss the dynamics of being in a relationship with a Chinese woman.



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