The latest Gillette commercial clearly targets toxic masculinity. If you are not a toxic abusive man, then you should have absolutely no problem with the ad, because it doesn’t attack all men, nor does it imply all men are toxic abusive predators.

What is toxic masculinity? In short, toxic masculinity is the behaviour of men who live out their lives believing that women are inferior to them. They believe that women should appreciate the unwanted attention and sexual harassment that men give. It is also about making men think they should behave a certain way, say and do certain things. This is perpetuated by their peers, their environment, their family, friends and lifestyle choices. Note that it is also true in reverse, that many women have been brought up to believe they can get away by bashing men, because men should be able to ‘take it’ like real men.

So with this said, the problem with too many people in the western world, especially in the USA and in Canada, is how people see something and interpret what they see, as the worst of what it really represents. For example, the majority of the people making derogatory comments on the Gillette ad, obviously also look at feminism as women trying to have special rights above men. While it’s true some militant extremist feminists think that way, the vast majority do not, but these ignorant men will continue to use the worst of feminist culture to define what feminism is.

Look, I get it. I was once like those people who bashed the Gillette ad – angry, hurt and irritated why other people would bash an entire collective of people. However, I was a teenager at the time who didn’t know any better and interpreted everything through my tiny world view at the time. I’m 40 this year and it was not rocket science how the Gillette ad was obviously not about me, nor about the millions of other non-toxic men on the planet. Heck, I figured this shit out when I was in my early 20’s. So it amazes me how many millions of men and some women, can look at this and take it way way way way way way way out of context, especially if it does not apply to many of these same people.

If you came from a good upbringing or you conditioned yourself to have a good solid character, then none of these things should bother you. It certainly does not bother me. I had a laugh with my wife a few weeks ago, when I brought up how so many millions weaksauce men were hammering on the Gillette commercial, with their snowflake feelings hurt, whining, crying and bashing Gillette for calling out toxic men. It’s amazing how people can twist the clear meaning of something into something entirely different.

The following clip is an excellent example of toxic masculinity. The customer tries to flirt with the waitress. When she rejects him, he grabs her ass and he is stirred on by his drinking buddies with their laughter. Superman, the other waiter, comes into the scene to try to deal with the toxic customer by standing up alongside the waitress. The rude customer is an example of toxic masculinity.

For those offended by the Gillette commercial, were you also offended that Superman dealt with that toxic customer, by destroying his livelihood, by destroying his rig? No? Then why were you so angry with the Gillette commercial, when it clearly showed real men telling you not to be toxic men doing the same sort of crap this toxic customer did in the movie?

When I saw the Gillette ad initially, I chuckled a bit and clicked the Like button, then moved on. It wasn’t until about two days later, that I read somewhere that millions of men across the globe started bashing the commercial for attacking all men.

I was seriously flabbergasted.

The way I saw it, it wasn’t attacking me, nor my dad, nor my male friends who treat each other with mutual respect, nor the other few hundred million men on the planet who aren’t toxic and abusive. So what gives? Why are all of these men suddenly so triggered by a politically incorrect ad?

TNW Gillette Ad

^ The spelling mistakes is an unfortunate reality of not being able to delicately use a mobile phone with the size of my thumbs.

Firstly, the Gillette ad was politically incorrect. Conservatives often preach that the left are so easily offended and gets annoyed at the media being political correct. Yet, when Gillette hired an ad agency to do a politically incorrect ad, In their bold move to go straight to the point, conservatives get crazy triggered by it. From my standpoint, shouldn’t conservatives welcome the politically incorrect ad? They should applaud them for not being PC.

Secondly, the Gillette ad was about toxic masculinity. This is very clear throughout the entire commercial. It shows scenes of men over the years who grope women, sexually harass women, call them inferior and step on their character. It also shows men, real men who respect women, who think toxic behaviour must go away. These scenes are all in that ad. So how in the nine cat hells, have so many people interpreted the ad as bashing *all* men? It’s incredible so many of you see it that way. I’m a man and I obviously don’t see it attacking me. I’m not such a snowflake that gets offended by everything, especially things that has nothing to do with me.

Lastly, for those who think social justice is solely leftist activism, you’re absolutely wrong. Literally, social justice is when a person or a group of people read, see or hear something in society and/or social media, disagree with its message, then attack it with their own prejudices. People on the left do it and people on the right do it. Social Justice Warriors (SJW) aren’t exclusive to leftists. SJW’s exist in all political and social spectrums. When atheists criticize religion, who are the first to go all out on them? Religious zealots who wish to spread their holy word with the masses. When feminists talk about equal opportunities, who are the first to bash them for it? Neo Conservatives who think women should stay at home and look pretty for their hardworking husbands.

The left and the right make up both sides of the same SJW coin.

Anyhow, while you all can have your varying opinions, you cannot apply your personal opinions on the facts. The fact is that the Gillette ad was bashing toxic masculinity. The Gillette ad was NOT bashing all men. Period. Just because you interpret it a different way, doesn’t make your viewpoint correct. It just makes you look like a short sighted ignoramus. Unfortunately, it seems there are a lot of ignorant people around the world. Don’t like being called an ignoramus? Then don’t shove your own brand of social justice when it suits you, then call the other side as being triggered and offended snowflakes. There is nothing more hysterical when irony is so ripe. 😉

Disclaimer: Since most people can’t seem to read context. When I say “conservatives” and “leftists”, I am obviously talking about specific groups of people from both spectrums. I am not talking about everyone.

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