Actually, you did, the moment you posted your photos, illustrations, stories and statements online for everyone to read.

Earlier, as I was rolling around in bed trying to get up, I happened upon a photo of a woman I follow on Instagram. Her name is Nikki Tran. Obviously, I follow her because she is stunningly delicious.

See what I did there just now? I made an opinion. I feel she is beautiful, sexy and most of her photos give rise to my sexual desires. Of course, I rarely comment on people’s photos with comments like this, because I feel it is inappropriate. So as you probably know, most of the comments on all of her photos contain opinions from mainly men who have the same or similar feelings of what they find beautiful and sexy from her.

In one of Nikki Tran’s photos, she posted the following, “My freckles wanted to say hello today”. That’s a cute statement.

In response to that statement, another member named “CircleJerk222” commented with “So did those eyelashes. U went a little long with them”. Again, I thought that response was a pretty cute casual comment.

Alas, Nikki responded to CircleJerk222 with the following, “@circlejerk222 Where did I ask for your opinion?”

CircleJerk222 replied with, “when u posted it for everyone to see and comment, thats where”

Of course, Nikki went on to say, “@circlejerk222 Yes, because this is my account where I will post whatever tf I want ???? You really think I’m going to listen to an account named “circle jerk”? Please.”

First of all, at this point, I was wondering what wrong with his comment. It made no sense why Nikki would react defensively like she did. At least to me, it was obvious he was responding to her original post about her freckles saying hello. I interpreted CircleJerk222’s response as “Your long eyelashes seem to want to say hello too.” So what was wrong with that?

Second of all, Nikki rhetorically asked where she asked for anyone’s opinion when she interpreted CJ222’s comment as an attack. Yet she has no issues with the other hundreds of other comments people have made citing her beauty and sexiness. Sure, she didn’t specifically ask for anyone’s opinion, but obviously if she opens her photo posts up for comments, she is obviously allowing people to share their opinions of her openly in her posts. So while she didn’t specifically ask CJ222’s opinion, she did indirectly ask everyone’s opinions when she shared her photo online publicly.

Lastly and unfortunately, Nikki took his cute casual response as some sort of personal attack. This is a major sign of insecurity on her part. She only accepts opinions of positivity about how beautiful and sexy she is, but would not accept any criticism. However, even then, this whole thing with CircleJerk222 wasn’t even negative. It was simply Nikki’s misinterpretation that caused them to have this issue in the first place.

It really is unfortunate, because I normally do not follow IG models who are simply beautiful. I normally follow IG models who either have an ‘alternative’ lifestyle or have a particular niche I like. Sometimes, I follow IG models if their message is sound. I think I won’t stop following Nikki for now, but this does disappoint.

In an unrelated matter, I remember I had a small argument with another member on IG, where she later went into my profile and commented on my one photo there with an emoji depicting a green smiley vomiting. Paraphrased, I responded, “This shows how insecure you are with your arguments against me, if you have to go into my profile just to post a negative emoji on the one photo I have. ;)”

In other words, if you cannot win an argument, don’t go into other people’s profiles trying to bash them for totally unrelated subject matter. It makes you look weak and insecure.

I had an argument with another member about anvils, of all things! ^_^ Anyway, I looked at his avatar more closely and noticed it resembled that of a navy uniform. So I went into his profile and looked through a couple of his photos. Instead of making disparaging remarks on his photos, due to our earlier argument, I posted up some very positive things on one of them. I even sent him another response in that thread we argued on, apologizing that I came off so aggressively. That thread ended with some good old nature man-to-man talk.

So anyway, it’s annoying when people misinterpret, then go off on a tangent defensively, which causes more defensive postures and then a whole whack of people go at each other, all attacking and counter attacking for all of the wrong reasons.

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